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About Betty 

My passion for making wedding cakes and cake decorating started as a young child. I was inspired by both my mother and grandmother who always made wonderful creative biscuits and cakes for every occasion. Keeping with the family tradition, I decided many decades ago to enrol in a cake decorating course and the rest is history!

About Betty 

Having previously owned a commercial bakery specialising in cakes so have experience not only of bespoke handmade cakes but also the manufacturing of thousands per day, providing me with great experience of high pressure scenarios such as weddings. Ingredients, styles and techniques may differ, but one thing that hasn’t changed in all these years is my passion for designing and making cakes to suit all tastes.

Now living in South West France, in the Gers region of Occitanie, (previously Midi Pyrenees) now concentrating on bespoke wedding cakes. Whether your wedding is at a stunning chateau, barn or in your garden, I can cater for your requirements.

I’m constantly learning cutting edge techniques and experimenting with design, texture, shape and colour to push myself and make every cake that leaves my kitchen the best it can be, whether it’s a four tiered masterpiece cascading with sugar flowers, or a selection of personalised miniature treats that will serve as favours for your guests.

I love clean lines and crisp edges of contemporary wedding cake design, and I’m fascinated by new trends and innovative decorating techniques. A cake that simply looks good is not enough – not even close. I pride myself on the way my cakes taste. They’re light and buttery and they zing with flavour and just the right amount of sweetness. I love it when my couples tell me that their wedding cake was devoured in record time, there’s no greater compliment!

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